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Stonecrest Spartans Youth Baseball & Softball Program


So you volunteered to be the Team Manager. Now what? Well, the following information will get you on the right track so do not worry. You will find that the time you put in for volunteering as Team Manager is rewarding and fun. Generally speaking, the Team Manager's duties and responsibilities are to perform the administrative tasks for the team which will allow the coach to concentrate on coaching, the players and team development. The Team Manager is the communication hub of the team.

1. Team Manager Meeting: Attend the Team Manager meetings and receive the information needed to pass on to the parents. You will receive a packet that will contain the forms needed to complete your team's certification, as well as other pertinent information required to have a successful baseball season.

2. Player Information: Get to know every player on your team and talk to each of their parents. Maintain a list of all players, including their parents' name and contact information (cell and home phone numbers and email addresses). The easiest way to track this information is on the SSBSA Roster Sheet Form which is on the "Forms" link of the "Team Manager Corner." This form is one that is required for team certification and should be kept in your team's binder. It is also a good idea to set up a contact group in your cell phone (if possible) so that mass text messages can be sent to the parents regarding practices or games. Parents will also be able to contact you to advise you of player absences or lateness. 

3. Uniforms: You will be responsible for ordering uniforms for your team. Once team certification is verified by the SSBSA Board, teams are allowed a $28 per player uniform allowance. As Team Manager, it is your job to gather the sizes for your players and order uniforms from a vendor of your choosing. Any difference in the cost of the uniform is paid by the parents. NOTE: Instructional team uniforms are ordered by SSBSA and they do not receive the uniform allowance. 

4. Snacks: Team Managers coordinate the scheduling and distribution of post-game and post-practice snacks. You have the option of making a schedule for the parents to take turns bringing snacks OR collect an agreed monetary amount from the parents at the beginning of the season, and then purchase all of the snacks for the season yourself. Make sure that any player food allergies are documented on the medical information form.

5. Safety: Be sure to have a first aid kit with you at all practices and games to treat any accidental scrapes or cuts. Make sure that you have disposable ice packs on hand in the event the concession stand is not open.

6. Dugout Duty: Enlist the assistance of your parents to help maintain the cleanliness of the dugouts and the park. Keep trash bags in the dugout for players to discard their trash, & remind them to clean up afterward. Place all trash in the designated trash cans located throughout the park. All plastic bottles and aluminum cans ONLY should be placed in the blue recycling bins. It is important to help keep the area around the fields clean as well to cut down on the presence of ants, yellow jackets and other insects. If you notice that a trash can has become overfilled, please locate a Board Member promptly.

7. Picture Day: The Director of Team Managers will set the times for each team to take their individual and team pictures, and distribute it to the Team Managers. Picture packets will be handed out well in advance so that you can give them to your parents. Be sure to have extras on picture day - parents will inevitably leave their forms at home. Advise parents to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time at a pre-determined meeting spot with their player dressed in full uniform. Individual photos are usually taken first, and then the team photo with the coaches. Team Managers are absolutely welcomed & encouraged to get in the team picture, too!

8. Team Sponsors: If you know someone who has a business, you can send a letter to them requesting sponsorship for your team. If you do receive a sponsor, be sure to thank them with a plaque or some sort of recognition and by extending an invitation to the your end of season party.

9. End of Season Banquet and Trophies: The season is over and now it's time to party! The Team Manager will plan, coordinate & organize the team's party. There are several indoor and outdoor amusement facilities in the area where banquets can be held. And a party wouldn't be complete without a trophy for the players to reward them for their hard work! But don't forget the coach and assistant coach! There are several cost effective vendors available who offer great looking trophies. Please be mindful of these costs as to not over-extend the parents' budgets.

These are just SOME of the things that Team Managers do to keep the team running smoothly throughout the season but there is so much more! Most importantly, it is vital for you to stay in constant contact with your parents and coaches so that no one is left in the dark. Don't feel like you have to go at it alone. You can absolutely delegate some of the duties to other parents who are willing to help.