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Stonecrest Spartans Youth Baseball & Softball Program


  • ASEP TRAINING - Successfully complete the ASEP training course and print the certificate of completion to be maintained in your team's binder. The cost to certify with ASEP is $19.95 and certification is LIFETIME.


  • BACKGROUND CHECK - Every volunteer must complete a background check with the Stonecrest Parks & Recreation Department. Be prepared to turn in the background check form at the first coaches' meeting along with the $5 fee.


  • IDENTIFY ASSISTANT COACHES - If you are a head coach, it would be wise to identify at least two coaches to assist with coaching duties. Seeking assistance from individuals with a baseball background may be helpful. *ASSISTANT COACHES MUST ALSO COMPLETE THE REQUIRED ASEP CERTIFICATION AND BACKGROUND CHECK.


  • ATTEND TRYOUTS - Check the calendar for tryout date and time, and make sure that the head coach or an assistant coach is in attendance. During tryouts, you will have a opportunity to observe the skill level of all registered players placed in the draft. Make a note of any players you are interested in having on your team so that you may choose those players during the draft process.


  • ATTEND THE DRAFT - This is the time where you and all other coaches in your age division will select from the pool of registered players for your team. See Coaches' Handbook for Draft Info


  • CONTACT PARENTS - Once the draft is completed and you have selected your players, please contact those players' parents as soon as possible so that you may formally introduce yourself and provide them with any and all team related information. 


  • IDENTIFY ASSISTANT COACHES AND TEAM MANAGER(S) - IMMEDIATELY identify parents interested in being assistant coaches and team managers. Once all volunteers are secured, please provide all of the player information to him/her so that they can secure the necessary document, i.e. birth certificates, needed for team certification.


  • UNIFORMS - Upon successful team certification*, your team will decide whether to order uniforms through SSBSA's vendor or select an outside vendor of your choosing.  Please ensure to gather all of the pricing information and relay them to the parents so they are better prepared to submit payment. *Note: Each team will receive a $25 per player uniform allowance once certification is completed. If the final cost of uniform exceeds $25, parents are responsible for the difference.